Moven is an engagement platform that brings value to customers while driving positive, measurable business outcomes for banks. We transform customer financial data into digital experiences and insights that inspire people to take action.


Moven makes it simple, fast and safe to download a bank account directly to a customers mobile phone.

  • Optimized the identify verification and KYC process to maximize approval rates and minimize customer friction
  • Get users in quickly and simply whenever possible
  • Leverages best-in class providers as needed to optimize the approval process


Customers have a low barrier to entry.

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We are helping banks own their customers’ money experience — from understanding ways to save money to the awareness of where their money is spent. Moven is a bank branded platform that offers money-saving tools. Customers are saving time and money, while banks are developing deeper more trusted customer relationships.


Customers are empowered to make money-wise decisions.


We offer a range of experiences to engage more people. A variety of incentives, combined with personal motivators, encourage frequent interactions with the platform.

  • Spending Insights: Data-driven messages help customers better understand their money use and how to conserve.


Customers feel in control and have incentive to act

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We turn data into actionable insights. Bank-provided and third-party data is translated into consumer-friendly communications. Customers’ unique drivers and interests are learned as they interact with the platform and are used to tailor future communications. This data-in, data-out cycle delivers sustained engagement over time and helps banks better understand their customers.


Banks learn valuable information about their customers


We personalize the financial experience. Every email, notification and SMS text is customized to the individual customer by combining up-to-date spending data with historical and annonymous communal spending and saving information.

Dynamic and creative content make daily updates something customers welcome, read and act on. Messaging is relevant and timely based on the customer’s household activity and past participation.


Customers receive relevant and timely information


Follow a customer through our program.